Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have been sooo sick, I haven't been able to write the blog at all... so much for Blogwoman.. I had visions of a superwoman type in knickers and tights and flying cape.. yeah right that's me all over... NOT...

I moved my son last week. He was living in the tiniest village in the south of Ireland, beautiful, right on the coast, but not a job to be had anywhere. He studied there as a Outdoor Education Instructor for two years but has now decided he doesn't want to teach kids, so now he has moved to a city in the west and is, I presume, actively looking for work along with the other 16000 people who make up the dole queue there.

Do you know, I am constantly worried about him... I know he is clever and articulate and has a good head on his shoulders but I just don't know how he will survive. €750 per month rent on a fairly minute flat, electricity, food etc how will he do it?

I understand that this is the life for mothers, worrying about their kids. I mean, I did what he's doing only I moved from England to Ireland so it was a new country and I had £70 and an old British motorbike.

to be continued......


  1. How poignant (did I spell that right?) I, too, took a leap of faith a couple of decades ago when I left the states for Bahrain with only $27 in my jeans... and a woman at that. But I survived (had a great job within 2 weeks) and so will your son. Have faith in him, support him in his endeavors, and pray for him every night.

  2. Thanks for your comment, time is passing and I sure things will work out for him.