Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy week

Well, Ireland won the rugby, in a not so easy match against the Italians. Scotland, unfortunately, did not.

I have had a very busy week. It started on Monday... as weeks usually do... I can't remember what I was doing... oh yes, we borrowed a power washer and in fact, it was Sunday I started to wash around the house. All the tarmac had grown moss and it looked .. still looks, in parts, a complete disgrace. So, Monday was day 2 and I managed to get down the drive before running out of steam (me) and hose (the washer). It took me six hours to get that far and three the previous day. The postman commented..."you're an all rounder, aren't you " I wasn't sure if he was being rude . I have lost three stone in weight in the last couple of years. It turned out he wasn't as he told me that seeing me had inspired him to get his own washer out of the shed .. only to find that it was broken. He has now got it mended !
Anyway by the end of six hours, non stop... I was jaded so I took a hot bath to ease me muscles and flopped in front of the stove (woodburner) I haven't finished the tarmac yet.....

The next day I organised myself to get a load of manure (horse) (for the garden) at a farm a few miles away. I had to borrow a trailer. (the first time I had pulled one)
I had physiotherapy first for my neck problem at the local hospital 12 miles away, then went for lunch at a friends house.
Later in the afternoon I drove to the farm where they loaded the trailer with a huge helping of manure. The tyres were so squashed I wasn't sure I'd get home. I did. Then I had to fork all the manure into the wheelbarrow and barrow it to the veggie beds. About 20 barrow loads. Then clean out the trailer with the hose and a brush.
I worked with special needs adults all day Wednesday doing screen printing and stayed in bed til' 10 am this morning.
I have just made a huge pot of veggie soup and two loaves of soda bread and now am going to light the stove and relax.

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