Saturday, February 14, 2009

Six Nation's Rugby

The Six Nations Rugby is on, I love it..... Scotland are playing France in the Stade du France, Paris. I really hope Scotland find their form they weren't great last week against Wales.
Ireland beat France though, it was a brilliant match, all the pre match thoughts were that France would be the victorious ones but Ireland completely turned it round and fought the French all the way. Fantastic.... They play Italy in Rome tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I remember as a kid watching the rugby with my dad he used to be a very passionate watcher and we'd end up screaming at the telly. We both supported Ireland whenever they were playing in spite of being born and brought up in England.

My uncle is the keen one in the family now my dad is no longer around and he will always send me a rugby card for my birthday (Our birthdays are on the same day), the day before Paddy's day so we have some things in common except that he has always supported England and cannot understand why I support Ireland.
I have lived here for nigh on thirty years.

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